3rd International integrative salmonid biology (ICISB) Conference

Our participation in 3rd International Conference on integrative salmonid biology (ICISB) in Puerto Varas in Chile, April, 24-27 2016

Sergio Vela-Avitúa, genetic advisor from our genetic team, participated in 3rd International Conference on integrative salmonid biology (ICISB) in Puerto Varas, Chile.

Organized by the International Cooperation to Sequence the Atlantic Salmon Genome, this conference provided a forum to dive deep into the salmon genome generate fruitful discussions and foster ideas for new understanding and development based on this knowledge.  The salmon farming industry has contributed to the sequencing effort with the recognition that no species with an unsequenced genome can be biologically understood and sustainably developed for the production of healthy and secure food.

Sergio Vela-Avitúa hold the presentation “Reducing genotype densities for G-BLUP” where he spoke about alternatives explored to reduce genotyping costs towards a wider implementation of a form of genomic selection known as G-BLUP. Genomic Selection is a state of the art method which uses genome wide information to more accurately evaluate the genetic merit of animals, in aquaculture this also opens the door to move genetic programs from family to individual selection resulting in higher genetic gains. Genomic selection has been already implemented to a number of our customers in the salmon industry.

Abstract of his presentation can be consulted in the Abstracts’ book

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