Akvaforsk Genetics represented at FENACAM in Fortaleza, Brazil

End of October this year, the annual conference and exhibition FENACAM, was arranged in Fortaleza, Brazil. The event is gathering tilapia and shrimp producers from all over Latin-America. FENACAM has established itself as a very important aquaculture event in the Americas, bringing together a trade show and scientific conferences related to the cultivation of fish and crustaceans.

Dr. Jørn Thodesen from Akvaforsk Genetics represented Benchmark Breeding and Genetic as speaker at the main conference. His presentation “Selective breeding of tilapia – status and prospects” gave an overview of the development of leading tilapia breeding programs in different parts of the world.

Dr. Thodesen has extensive knowledge and expertise in selective breeding of tilapia. At Akvaforsk Genetics he supervises the implementation and operation of several long-term aquaculture selective breeding programs, tasks including planning, personnel training, statistical analyses, genetic evaluations, and documentation. He was happy to share his extensive experiences with the audience, and clearly demonstrated the critical role of effective selection programs for the development of sustainable and cost effective tilapia productions.

Jorn Thodesen

Dr. Jørn Thodesen

The Benchmark team, which also included representatives from Spring Genetics, Fish Vet Group, and INVE, was very satisfied with this year’s FENACAM. The event draws a large audience including most all major players in Brazil and beyond.

Benchmark Team

Representatives of the Benchmark team at the FENACAM 2016

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