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Akvaforsk Genetics' team visit to Colombia, October, 22-24th

Benchmarks Genetics Colombia’s successfully completed its biannual technical meeting in Colombia, October 22-24th, this time held in Filandia, in Colombia’s stunningly beautiful central region of Quindío.

The event focused on the final preparation for implementation of genomic selection for disease resistance in Genetica Spring’s breeding program for marine shrimp. Penaeus vannamei, a pioneering milestone for applied genetic work in the species. Also present was Nick Robinson, Nofima, who is leading a joint Nofima – Akvaforsk Genetics research project funded by the Norwegian Research Council. Thanks to Marcela and her family inviting us to their historic mountain farm for the event!

Afgc Team In Columbia

Member of Benchmarks Genetics’ expert team during a well-deserved break! From left to right: Marcela Salazar, Rama Bangera, Sergio Vela, Andres Suarez, Morten Rye, Constanza Erazo, James Cock, Oscar Henning and guest Nick Robinson (Nofima).

Rama And The Dog

Akvaforsk Genetics Senior Geneticist Rama Bangera with Lemon

View Of

Stunning view from El Mirador Filandia


Lunch Break with typical dish "Frijoles verdes” (green beans)


Amazing nature of Quindío, the western central region of the country, crossed by the Andes mountains

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