AQUA EXPO 2018 Ecuador

Over 3,000 people attended this year’s event held in Santa Elena, Ecuador, to learn more about the latest sustainable production practices in the Ecuadorian shrimp sector.
More than 1,200 people registered for the conference, which included, national and foreign speakers who covered a variety of topics related to the improvement of cultivation protocols, breeding, bioremediation, nutrition, animal health, and more.

Benchmark Genetics’ Director of Genetics, Dr. Morten Rye, addressed the audience with a presentation entitled “Asian productivity with Latin American stability”. Based on experiences and results from Colombia, his presentation focused on strategies for development of robust, high yielding shrimp populations uniquely combining fast growth with high level of resistance to pathogens, allowing for increased productivity whilst maintaining a successful disease management strategy in the Americas. Dr. Rye also demonstrated how the implementation of novel genomic tools is further increasing the efficacy in shrimp breeding programs.

Benchmark’s Advanced Nutrition team, INVE, was also represented at the AquaExpo trade show. Presenting INVE’s unique range of diets and probiotics, their stand was visited by more than 400 people during the three-day event, representing hatchery operators , farmers and distributors.

The Benchmark teams reported another successful Aqua Expo 2018, with high-quality presentations, a considerable increase in the number of stands compared to earlier years, and participants from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Advanced Nutrition team, INVE at AquaExpo 2018

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