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Benchmark Workshop in Oxford

Akvaforsk Genetics was invited to visit FAI Farms in Oxford for the workshops together with other Benchmark teams. FAI is a commercial research farming and technology transfer business providing practical advice and state-of-the-art solutions to large-scale food producers and retailers.

People from across the Group including Akvaforsk Genetics, FVG Ireland, Benchmark Holdings, Benchmark Vaccines, Benchmark Animal Health, FAI Aquaculture, FAI and INVE were given an introduction to Benchmark and its history as well as presentations from each of Benchmark business divisions. Our team together with others took part in a vision & values workshop and were taken on a tour of the 1650-acre farm, which FAI have farmed and operated since 2001.

Photo 0170332105Lyfgjc

For more information about Benchmark and other Benchmark business divisions please visit

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