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Salmobreed, sister company of Akvaforsk Genetics, hires Geneticist Dr. Hooman Moghad

Dr. Moghadam is the Chief Scientist for Research and Innovation in Salmobreed, sister company of Akvaforsk Genetics, and the new member of the extensive team of geneticists in the group

Benchmark Holding plc.’s daughter company, SalmoBreed AS, further strengthens its genetics department, with the employment of Dr. Hooman Moghadam in a newly established position. He had his first working day as Chief Scientist for Research and Innovation on 01.03.18.

Dr. Moghadam took his Ph.D. in 2004 from the University of Guelph, Canada, and has a long research experience, among others, Toronto’s Hospital for sick children, Cornell University, University of Oxford, and Department of Marine Biology and Genetics in Crete. In recent years, Hooman Moghadam has been employed by Nofima at Ås as a senior scientist.

Hooman’s research has primarily focused on developing cutting edge genetics and genomics technologies and the use of bioinformatics to gain insight into the molecular bases of phenotypic variation for complex phenotypes such as growth, reproduction, time of maturation and disease resistance. At Nofima, he has led a number of prominent R&D projects, among which SalmoBreed has been a partner. He has also been the creator and administrator of the institution’s genomics database.

The employment of Dr. Moghadam will strengthen the genetics resources in Benchmark Genetics.

We are very pleased to have Hooman joining our team,” says Dr. Borghild Hillestad, Genetics Manager at SalmoBreed AS. He will provide us with increased knowledge and deep experience in molecular genetics and bioinformatics. Both of these areas are very central now, as we increasingly use highly advanced genetic methods and tools in our breeding program, “she concluded.

Hooman Moghadam

Dr. Hooman Moghadam. Foto: Salmobreed

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