Fenacam 2017

Successful FENACAM 2017

This year’s FENACAM was held at the Convention Center of Natal, Brazil and was the 14th Edition of the tradeshow. There were 200 stands, 39 lectures and hundreds of technical presentations across the three-day event.

The conference was centered around the Latin American and Asian aquaculture markets and the progress that is being made in those regions — particularly through technological breakthroughs.

Teams from across Benchmark’s genetics, health and nutrition businesses were present on a joint stand and had the opportunity to meet customers and share knowledge. Olivier Decamp, INVE’s Farm and Feedmill Product Manager presented “disease control requires management of the whole production cycle”.

From our side, Sergio Vela Avitúa represented Akvaforsk Genetics and Benchmark Breeding and Genetic at FENACAM 2017.During the presentations Benchmark Breeding and Genetic team reinforced the important of selective breeding to help in the solution of aquaculture problems, as well it was present the opportunities that new technologies such as QTLs and Genomic selection bring into the arena of selective breeding.

Sergio held two presentations at conference about “Salmon Breeding Program in the genomic era, QTLs or Genomic Selection” and “Potential for selective breeding in tilapia for resistance to Streptococcus inia and Streptococcus agalactiae”.

Also Benchmark organized seminar during FENACAM and Sergio was talking there about Genomic information for animal breeding programs.

We are happy that FENACAM 2017 was the conference with a high number of participants mainly from the local shrimp industry and academy.

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