Lacqua 2017

LACQUA 17 conference took place on November 8 - 10, 2017 in Mazatlán, Mexico and brought international attention to the aquaculture industry of Mexico and South America. The conference took place at the Mazatlan, International Center, Mazatlan, Mexico, Nov. 8- 10, 2017. Mazatlan is beautiful tourist location, perfect located close to the shrimp industry.

Sessions and workshops at the event covered all aspects of aquaculture in Mexico and South America, as well as the rest of the world. Sample topics at the conference were included: fish culture, health and diseases, crustaceans culture, physiology and genetics, nutrition and feeding, production systems, other species (seaweeds, algae, molluscs, echinoderms and plankton), sustainable aquaculture, processing and economics, education and aquaculture careers.

Sergio Vela Avitúa represented Akvaforsk Genetics and Benchmark Breeding and Genetic at LACQUA 17 in Mexico. The Benchmark team, which included representatives from Spring Genetics GeneTilapia and INVE also were exposing at the show. The event draws a large audience including most all major players in Mexico, mainly from academy and some presence of industry from Central America. LACQUA was fantastic opportunity for us to meet new and old customers, important players in the local shrimp industry and research.

Sergio answered questions from visitors, producers about the breeding program in Florida and hold contacts with academy and industry from Mexico and Central America. Also, he was happy to meet his old colleagues from shrimp industry and independent consultants in aquaculture, fish farmers and authorities in aquaculture.

The Benchmark team had an event where it was served food and drinks, which was very popular among visitors.

Sergio Vela Avitúa has been working in Akvaforsk Genetics since 2014. He provides support to our clients and team in the use of genomic information for breeding programs and collaborate in different R&D projects, among them genomic selection in aquaculture breeding programs and resistance to Streptococcus in tilapia.

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Team of Akvaforsk Genetics and Benchmark Breeding and Genetic at LACQUA 17 in Mexico.

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