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Workshop in Taiwan

Akvaforsk Genetics was invited by the Fish Breeding Association Taiwan to hold a 2-day workshop with the title “Selective breeding and aquaculture breeding programs in Taiwan”, focusing on the practical aspects of establishing and managing selective breeding program for local aquaculture species in Taiwan. The main mission of the Fish Breeding Association Taiwan is to assist hatchery farmers to improve their production facilities and open marketing channels. Dr. Jørn Thodesen and Prof. Terje Refstie represented Akvaforsk Genetics and shared with the participants their experience in selective breeding. Both representatives of Akvaforsk Genetics have supervised aquaculture breeding programs for many years. Terje played an active role in the organization and development of selective breeding programs for Atlantic salmon, which has been crucial for the successful development of an efficient and sustainable salmon farming in Norway. Jørn is a fish nutritionist and quantitative geneticist by education and has supervised selective breeding of several aquaculture species including tilapias and Atlantic salmon. 

After introducing selective breeding as a sustainable strategy to genetically improve performances of aquaculture species and present examples of successful aquaculture breeding programs, the participants were guided to discuss necessary steps for establishing breeding programs with local aquaculture species in Taiwan:

-              choice of species

-              define breeding goal

-              establishing base population

-              testing and recording of traits

-              organization of the breeding nucleus and dissemination operations  

More than 60 representatives of governmental and private institutions, farmers and students participated in the workshop. This meeting was wonderful experience with several group discussions and good feedbacks. 



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Dr. Jørn Thodesen and Prof. Terje Refstie with workshop visitors

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