Our Services

Akvaforsk Genetics offers a range of services related to applied genetic improvement work for efficient and sustainable aquaculture productions.

Our mission is to provide effective services based on latest technology in genetics and reproduction for profitability in aquaculture production worldwide. We are focusing on each client’s needs and goals. 

For clients implementing full scale breeding programs, we offer long term technical services covering all aspects of selective breeding, including program design (breeding nucleus and dissemination), genetic evaluation, inbreeding monitoring and control, and documentation of genetic changes. 

We also develop and host SQL databases for our client programs’ critical pedigree, genomic and phenotypic performance data.

Our operational service includes:

  • Full range of technical genetic services required for design, implementation and regular operation of cost-effective and sustainable family based breeding programs for aquaculture species
  • Detailed planning of selective breeding programs tailor-made for the target species, available infrastructure and other resources. Plans also detail effective strategies for dissemination of genetic gains from the breeding nucleus to the target industry
  • Technical support for program implementation and monitoring
  • Design and maintenance of recording schemes for performance testing
  • Genetic evaluations (EBVs, MEBVs, MASGS)
  • SQL data base management critical pedigree, performance and genomic data
  • Inbreeding control (OC)
  • Detailed documentation for reporting and monitoring purposes

Akvaforsk Genetics also offers shorter term services, which include:

  • Independent review of third party brood stock management/breeding programs focused on detailed assessment of efficiency, long term sustainability and risks
  • Experimental designs, operational protocols and statistical analyses for relevant benchmarking to support decision on optimal choice and use of alternative genetic materials in commercial production
  • Workshops, training sessions or short courses on applied genetic work 

Contact us to let us know how we can assist you with specific challenges facing your company or project.

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