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Arpitha Aradhya, BE

Assistant manager

Arpitha Aradhya joined Akvaforsk Genetics as Informatics Specialist in September 2016. Her main responsibility with us is related to data quality control and maintenance of central SQL databases for critical pedigree, phenotypic and genotypic information hosted on behalf of Akvaforsk Genetics’ clients. Arpitha also oversees the development of and provides user support for the company’s tailor made software for data collection and practical mating operations used by our clients.

Arpitha Aradhya holds a bachelor degree in Information Science Engineering from CIT, India, where she also completed additional courses in software technology and business management. From former positions with Accenture (India/UK) and AkvaGroup (Chile) she joins Akvaforsk Genetics with extensive international work experience from Aerospace & IT industries.

Arpitha enjoys combining her skills in management and technology. She loves to explore in travelling and rejuvenate through it.

Contact information:

+47 471 51 163

Academic History

  • B.Sc of Information Science Engineering from CIT, India
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