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Harry Johansen, Cand.agric

Senior Scientific Advisor

Harry Johansen worked at Akvaforsk Genetics since 2000. He works in the applied quantitative genetics field and has many years of experience in serving selective breeding programs for Atlantic salmon, Coho salmon, rainbow trout, Nile tilapia, red tilapia, turbot, and shrimp. Harry is project manager for selection programs on Nile tilapia and turbot. Besides, he is also involved in a selection program on Atlantic salmon. He is actively involved in R&D projects in quantitative genetics for selective breeding in programs of Atlantic salmon, Nile tilapia and turbot.

Harry took his degree in nature management at the Agriculture University of Norway at Ås. After his studies he managed angling in the forests around Oslo for seven years. Before joining Akvaforsk Genetics, he worked at Institute of Aquaculture Research from 1986, where he mostly coordinated experimental activities at the research station at Sunndalsøra. Since 1998 he has worked full-time in genetics.

Mr. Johansen has attended various courses and programs in quantitative genetics and computation of random and fixed effects in animal breeding with the PEST package. He has also co-authored scientific publications in aquaculture field.


For Harry Johansen’s publication list go to:
ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/p…

Contact Information:

+47 480 08 795

Academic History

  • Degree in nature management at the Agriculture University of Norway
  • Post graduate course: Quantitative Genetics of Selection Response, Wageningen University
  • Post graduate course: Application of Generalized Mixed Models, the Agriculture University of Norway
  • Post graduate course: Computation of Random and Fixed Effects in Animal Breeding with the PEST Package, the University of Debrecen
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