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Jørn Thodesen, PhD

Senior Scientific Advisor

Jørn Thodesen joined Akvaforsk Genetic in 2002. He is a fish nutritionist and quantitative geneticist by education from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Thodesen started his career doing fish nutrition research after finishing his PhD in 2000, where he combined fish nutrition and quantitative genetics research to study alternative breeding efforts to improve feed utilization in Atlantic salmon. He has mainly worked on developing selective breeding programs for different aquaculture species such as Atlantic salmon, tilapia, carp, shrimp, crayfish and crab.

Jørn is project manager in selective breeding of tilapias and Atlantic salmon. His role in Akvaforsk Genetics is to supervise the development of long-term aquaculture selective breeding programs including planning, training, statistical analyses and reporting, publishing in international peer-reviewed journals. He is also actively involved in R&D projects. Jørn has lived and worked with selective breeding for 14 years in China and Malaysia.

Jørn Thodesen has authored and co-authored scientific research publications in selective breeding field and 3 book chapter.


For Dr. Jørn Thodesen’s publication list see:
Research Gate https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jorn_Thodesen

Contact Information:

+47 947 98 001

Academic History

  • Ph.D from Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • MSc. in fish nutrition and quantitative genetics from Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Post graduate course: Project Management, Executive Master of Management, Norwegian Business School, BI
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