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Morten Rye, PhD

Director of Genetics, Benchmark Genetics

Dr. Morten Rye has been with Akvaforsk Genetics since the company was established in 1999 and has held the position as Scientific Director until being appointed as Managing Director in 2015. Since May 2018, Dr. Rye also serves as Director of Genetics in Benchmark Genetics, with the responsibility to further strengthen its world - class team of geneticists working across species and geographical boundaries.

During his career in Akvaforsk Genetics, he has played a key role in developing and establishing the company as a renowned provider of genetic improvement services to aquaculture industries globally.

In addition to his management responsibilities, Dr. Rye is actively involved in R&D and major project developments. He also serves as a member of the boards of Benchmark Genetics (BG), and Akvaforsk Genetics’s sister company Spring Genetics, USA.

Dr. Rye has been working with genetic research and applied genetic improvement programs for fish and crustaceans since 1986, when he graduated from the Agricultural University of Norway. He completed his doctorate in Animal Breeding in 1992, focusing his thesis on the genetic constitution of product quality traits in Atlantic salmon.

Before joining Akvaforsk Genetics, Dr. Morten Rye worked as research scientist/senior research scientist in quantitative genetics and selection in the Genetics & Breeding Division at Institute of Aquaculture Research in the period 1986-1999. During that period he also spent one year as visiting professor at the Michigan State University, USA.

Dr. Morten Rye has authored and co-authored more than 60 scientific publications, seven book chapters, and numerous articles in Norwegian and international trade journals.


For Dr. Morten Rye’s publication list see:
ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Morten_Rye
Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.no/citations?user=yEkl52oAAAAJ&hl=no

Contact information:

+47 952 13 271


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