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Rama Bangera, PhD

Senior Geneticist

Rama Bangera joined the Akvaforsk Genetics team in September 2016. His primary interest relates to application of new quantitative genetics and genomics technologies to improve economically important traits in aquaculture and livestock species, but his interests also cover fish and shellfish reproduction, hatchery management and general aquaculture production.

Bangera is actively involved in several key aspects of Akvaforsk Genetics’ technical deliveries, including program design and implementation and large scale genetic evaluations. He is also involved in relevant R&D projects for optimization and extension of the company’s services with focus on implementation of genomic information.

Rama Bangera holds a doctorate in Animal Breeding and Genetics from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, with his PhD work concentrated on genetics aspects of disease resistance in Atlantic cod. Before joining Akvaforsk Genetics he has worked as Research Scientist at Nofima (Norway) and later as senior genetic development manager at Aquainnovo (Chile). He has more than seven years of experience from applied breeding programs in several cold water and warm water fish species, including salmonids, Atlantic cod and tilapias.

Bangera has authored and co-authored scientific research articles in the aquaculture field.


For Dr. Rama Bangera’s publication list see:

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.co.in/c…

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rama_Bangera

Contact information:


Academic History

  • Ph.D in Animal Breeding and Genetics from Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • MSc. in Animal Breeding and Genetics from Wageningen University (Netherlands) and AgroParisTech (France)
  • MSc. in Aquaculture from India
  • B.Sc in Fisheries Science from India
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