Research and Development

In recognition of our competence base, we are routinely involved in high level R&D projects in relevant technical and scientific fields, in collaboration with leading national and international research groups. Our company holds two Norwegian R&D concessions for farming of Atlantic salmon.

Akvaforsk Genetics conducts ambitious in-house R&D activities to further improve and expand its technical services to the aquaculture industries, including:

  • genome-wide association analysis for detection and estimation of QTL effects
  • utilization of marker information in breeding value estimation facilitating marker assisted selection (mEBV) or genomic selection (gEBV)
  • implementation of optimal contribution selection when feasible
  • optimization of management of SQL databases for phenotypic and genomic data

Genomic Selection

Our R&D group is currently involved in several projects related to genomic selection. Quantitative genetics has been the foundation on which animal breeders had relied to improve the performance of farm animals during the past century. 

With the increasing availability of genomic information, quantitative geneticists have proposed the use of Genomic Selection, a method that combines the use of information across the whole genome and the infinitesimal model in quantitative genetics to more accurately predict the genetic value of the individuals. 

In aquaculture Genomic Selection also enables the selection of individuals instead of the familiar selection that has been performed till today. This should provide a faster and more accurate improvement of the populations under selection.

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