What We Do

We offer the full range of technical services required for implementation of selective breeding programs for aquaculture species.

Our core business is design, implementation and routine technical operation of cost-effective selective breeding programs for fish and crustaceans. 

Due to our long-standing track record and the competence of our highly skilled and dedicated technical team, Akvaforsk Genetics proudly works with several of the world’s largest aquaculture companies.

​Sustainable Aquaculture and Selective Breeding​

"The long-term sustainability of aquaculture sectors critically depends on the development and use of selective breeding to produce genetically improved stocks for development of resource effective and sustainable production." Read more about Sustainable Aquaculture and Selective Breeding

Research and Development

Grow Out Unit Miami Hideoshy Segovia
"Akvaforsk Genetics conducts ambitious in-house R&D activities to further improve and expand its technical services to the aquaculture industries." Read more about Research and Development
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