Who We Are

Akvaforsk Genetics is the leading provider of technical genetic improvement services to aquaculture industries worldwide.

Akvaforsk Genetics has extensive experience in design, implementation and routine technical operation from more than 25 applied selective breeding programs for fish and crustacean species in Europe, Asia and Latin America. These programs cover the majority of the commercially important farmed aquaculture species, including salmonids, tilapias, marine fish and shrimp. We routinely conduct external reviews of third party broodstock management and breeding program operations.

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Reflecting the company’s track record and the competence of its highly skilled and dedicated technical staff, we proudly serve industry leaders ranked among the world’s largest players in aquaculture.

Akvaforsk Genetic has headquarters located in Sunndalsøra, Norway and is a Benchmark Holdings company.

Results from well-designed selection programs are generally manifested in rapid improvements leading to very significant and sustained reductions in production costs.

Akvaforsk Genetics Selective Breeding Programs

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Extensive experience from 25 applied programs 
for 15 species in 15 countries
  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Nile Tilapia
  • Red Tilapia
  • Nile, Red & 
Blue Tilapia
  • P. vannamei
  • Turbot
  • Atlantic Salmon, 
Coho Salmon 
and Rainbow Trout
  • Atlantic Salmon 
& Rainbow Trout
  • Atlantic Cod
  • Sea bass & sea bream
  • Rohu carp
  • P. monodon
  • P. chinensis
  • Pangasius
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